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10 tips to properly and safely charge phone to help protect your phone

We still regularly charge our phones every day, but perhaps not everyone knows the best way to charge to protect their phones. Then don’t ignore ten notes to properly and safely charge your phone to help protect your phone in the article below!

1. Remember the golden rule when charging the battery

  • Always keep the battery level between 30% and 90%.
  • Recharge when the battery drops below 50%.
  • Stop charging when it reaches 100%.


You can also use the Shortcuts app to set a notification when the battery level reaches a certain percentage.

2. Do not charge phone to 100%

  • This may seem ridiculous but charging the phone to 100% is not good for the phone. The structure of the phone battery is currently a Lithium-ion battery. So each full charge counts as one ‘cycle’ once a month – as this recalibrates the battery, just like restarting your computer. And battery life will also decrease after xx cycles. It is better to unplug the charger as soon as the battery is full and avoid overcharging to ensure longer battery life.

3. Do not charge phone overnight.

  • No matter how great it feels to wake up with a fully charged phone, it would help if you gave up the habit of charging your phone overnight. When you keep your phone plugged in all night, your phone has to continuously work between full charge and slightly below it – 99% to 100%, and it comes back on in a longer charging time than required. This can also overheat the phone, damaging the battery, not to mention the risks of fire and explosion while you’re asleep. So charging during the day is always better than charging overnight.


4. Quit the habit of charging and using the phone at the same time

  • Charging the battery while using the phone will affect the battery life because the input and output currents are unstable. Moreover, it can also affect the hardware, cause fire and explosion, and even affect human life.
  • Therefore, you should limit the habit of charging and using the phone simultaneously and make sure to charge it with the correct charger and cable of the device to avoid the risk of unfortunate fire and explosion.


5. Please use genuine, quality chargers.

Just as a good lubricant will help a motorcycle engine work more efficiently, a quality charger will surely make your “mobile phone” more “genuine.” Please ensure the phone charger cable you use is a genuine, quality charger and is suitable for your phone to provide the highest possible charging efficiency!

6. Put the phone in a cool place while charging.

  • Do not place it on cloth or high-temperature places because the phone will generate heat when charging. Therefore, if placed in hot locations, it will cause heat to the phone and affect the battery.
  • It is best to place your phone on a flat, hard surface so that heat can dissipate quickly.
  • Keep in a cool place when charging; avoid direct sunlight because it will cause heat to the phone.

7. It is recommended to charge phone several times a day.

Most of us mistakenly believe that, as long as the phone is fully charged 100%, we can comfortably use it until it says the battery runs out. However, this is not true because it is not as good for the battery as you think.

Lithium-ion batteries like to be charged in a short time. So, if you want to use your phone multiple times a day, charge it whenever you can, instead of waiting for the battery to run out before charging.

8. Don’t worry about using fast charging

Fast charging does not affect your battery life. Conventional phone charging cables have an output current of about 5W to 10W. The output current can be up to 8 times for fast charging cables compared to standard charging. In general, unless your battery or charging cable has a technical fault, using fast charging has almost no effect on your phone.

9. Turn on Airplane Mode to charge your battery faster.

When you turn on Airplane mode for your phone, unnecessary connections and apps on your phone are automatically turned off, and as a result, your phone battery will, of course, be charged faster than usual.


10. Battery storage tips

Many people will think the battery should be stored at 100% when not used. But the truth is not like that. This can reduce the life of the battery!

Leaving the battery in a depleted state for too long can cause the battery to die completely. On the contrary, storing the battery at 100% entire state will reduce the capacity and battery life. So it’s best to leave the battery with about 50% charge when not using the phone for a long time.

The above article has introduced to you the notes to properly and safely charge your phone battery that you should remember to protect your phone. See you in the next post!

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