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8 Reasons Why You May Need an Electrical Inspection

If you’re like most Nevada homeowners, you probably don’t think much about your electrical system until a problem arises. A residential electrical test is a comprehensive inspection of everything in an electrical system, including conductors, components, circuit breakers, electrical panels, conduits, electrical boxes, and even electrical equipment.

Live in an older house.

One of the main reasons to schedule an electrical test is if you live in an older home. While new homes are safer and usually need an electrical checkup after about ten years, older homes are riskier. Consider that the wiring can be severely degraded. Older homes often have tubular and knobby wiring and other outdated technologies that aren’t compatible with today’s appliances. Be aware that there may have been many attempts to improve the original wiring. However, the quality of these improvements may not be as good. If you live in an older home, you need to contact a licensed electrician every three years.

Electrical Inspection

Sell ​​or buy a house

Are you in the process of buying a new home? If so, you should have the electricity checked. It would help if you learned about any hazardous electrical conditions that can be very expensive to fix after purchasing the property. Furthermore, electrical testing can help negotiate a lower price when defects are discovered.

If you’re selling your home, you’ll need an electrical test to determine what to do to update your electrical system. If you don’t get your electricity checked, it can reduce the value of your property.

Renovate your home

Even if you’ve remodeled your home and repaired some damage, you’ll still need to conduct an electrical test after the job is complete. Consider that many homeowners who renovate their homes perform additional electricity in addition to their original electrical installations. Besides letting you know if the job can be done safely, they can also suggest possible updates to electrical components, so your home is both safe and functional.

Unexpectedly heated electrical switches and sockets

Finally, electrical switches and outlets can become warm over time. While it’s okay to let them heat up gradually, use caution if you detect unexpected heat coming from your switch. Another cause of concern is noticing the sockets are particularly hot. If this happens, quickly turn off the main breaker and give us a call.

Dim or flashing lights

If your lights flicker or dim, this is probably not dangerous. However, it is a common sign that multiple circuits for another device are being used simultaneously. To ease your mind and make sure your appliances are working, contact a licensed electrician to discover what’s causing the lights to be dim or flicker. Your electrician can also thoroughly inspect your devices, recommend possible upgrades, and inform you about their lifespan.

electrical inspection is important

Burning smell

Any burning odors should always be checked immediately and significantly if they emanate from electrical equipment and fuse boxes, sockets, or switches. For any suspicious odors, contact an electrical professional who can conduct a thorough inspection around your home and property and uncover the cause of the smell, plus fix it. Trouble.

Weird sounds

If you have heard any unusual sounds coming from your electrical appliances or equipment, the source of the noise could be your fuse or circuit breaker. This could suggest faulty wiring, power spikes, loose connections, or other issues. The only way to know for sure and rest assured is to have a highly trained and licensed electrician diagnose and fix the problem.

An unexplained spike in energy costs

Have you noticed your energy bills going up? If so, you may need to have the electrical checked. Checking your electrical system can help you pay less for your electricity each month. During the inspection, your electrician can determine if your electrical equipment is underperforming, which costs you more in electricity costs. If you live in an older home, it’s even more critical to know if your current electrical system is costing you a lot of money. By upgrading the wiring, you can pay less per month.

Electrical Inspection


  • An electrician creates a detailed checklist, prioritizing any areas that need attention or service.
  • A typical examination takes one to three hours.
  • Sometimes, insurance providers require electrical testing to ensure that a home has a low insurance risk.
  • Consider that the second leading cause of home fires in the United States is electrical malfunction or failure.

Service can meet the needs of your home. If you are buying a property, you should check the electrical system in your home. In addition to home inspections, a home electrical test verifies that electrical wiring and outlets are working correctly, that your electrical system is in good condition, and meets control panel and code requirements.

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