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Automotive electrical

The automotive electrical system is very important, like a “nerve system,” because it provides power for more than 80% of the vehicle’s systems and equipment.

1. Automotive electrical repair

The automotive electrical repair segment can be considered the most difficult in the auto repair field, divided into many different areas such as undercarriage repair, bodywork repair, welding mound painting, car care, car tuning, etc…

Nowadays, automobile technology is developing more and more, and the car is more comfortable, modern, and safer, especially the auto-driving features are strongly applied to new cars.

If you own a luxury car like BMW, Range Rover, or Audi … then the electrical system of these cars can be said to be extremely modern. With that is a lot of damage related to the electrical system of these vehicles. Therefore, car electrical repair is increasingly complicated.


It would be best to have complete equipment and tools for the most basic car electrical repair. First, it is a fault reader, also known as a diagnostic machine. For a place specializing in auto electrical repair, there must be two types of diagnostic machines, which are diagnostic machines for car manufacturers and diagnostic machines for all types of vehicles, followed by specialized electrical repair equipment. Automobiles include power meters, pulse meters, and other measuring equipment.

Automotive electrical repair documentation for each car model is also an extremely important tool. The automotive electrical documentation will guide you on how to repair it; the circuit diagram will help you repair it more quickly.

2. Automotive electrical repairman

Car electrical repair work does not require much effort but requires high technical skills, especially electrical and electronic engineering. Automotive electricians must have good logical thinking and be proficient in using equipment and repair tools such as diagnostic machines, error readers, software installation, and electrical measuring devices.
In addition, for a good auto electrician, it is necessary to have relatively good automotive English to read and understand technical documents to assist in repair work. Cars are increasingly competing with each other in modern technology and techniques, so it requires auto electricians to constantly update new knowledge and technologies to match modern car models.


3. Automotive electrical system

The current car electrical system is not simply a conventional 12v or 24v DC system, but now many electronic systems exist in cars, such as sensors and black boxes.

The electrical system on a vehicle is divided into the body electrical system, the electric motor system, the air conditioning electrical system, the gearbox electrical system…

Each electrical system on a car is controlled by black boxes, such as the electric motor is controlled by the ECM box, and the car body electrical system control box is the BCM box, also known as the Body box. The air conditioner has an air conditioner box, the gearbox control, and the transmission is a TCM box.

In luxury cars, many other black boxes individually control the vehicle’s functions, such as the sunroof control box, headlight control box …

4. Illnesses that need to be repaired by car electricians and car owners need to know

4.1 Repair car alternator

The generator has the function of generating, rectifying, and adjusting the voltage in the car. On the car, the generator is designed as a compact microchip system.

Some problems with auto generator damage that need to be repaired include: Coil is broken or grounded, the brush is not in good contact, the coil is short-circuited, stator coil is broken, and stator coil is grounded.

 4.2 Repair lights
  • Of course, a car cannot be without a lighting system. It is necessary for you to be able to drive at night. The car’s lighting system usually includes headlights, taillights, fog lights, turn signals, and DRL daytime running lights…
  • Many different causes can cause damage to car lights; the most common are: the lamp has poor heat dissipation, burned lamp filament, loose switch holder and neck, shorted switch or generator voltage too high…
  • With any problem related to the car lighting system, customers need to bring it to the garage to have the car electrical repair technicians check and repair it in time, to ensure safety when using.


4.3 Repair electric starter
  • A typical sign to help you know that your car has a faulty starting electrical system is when you turn on the ignition key but do not hear the engine start spinning.
  • Causes of damage to the starter electric motor can be due to the electrical contact point with the tripod for too long, rust, damage, too weak battery, rusted battery cable at the connections, and the relay closing the circuit. The starter was burned out inside the electrical circuit, the coil was burned… and many other reasons.
4.4 Repairing car engine control electrics

The engine control system needs to be repaired when it encounters the following errors:

  • Error Flash of the box, also known as Firmware driver program.
  • Software error in the control system.
  • Vehicle-specific parameter errors are stored in the EEPROM section.
  • The fault belongs to the engine control box containing MAP data (data that determines the engine’s performance).
  • Malfunctions related to engine control electricity are classified as important errors in cars’ electrical and electronic systems. Therefore, needing a professional auto electrician, car owners should not repair themselves if they are not auto experts.


4.5 Repairing the loading system
  • The charging system is equally important in automotive and electronic systems, as it is the power source for all electrical equipment and charges the battery.
  • The problem of the charging system is usually related to the equipment of the charging system, including voltage regulator generator, battery, electric lock, charge indicator light…
4.6 Auxiliary electrical repair
  • Automotive electrical repair includes repairs related to devices such as door locks, glass lifters, and levers. They are often damaged after a period of use.

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