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10 electrical problems often occur in daily

In the course of daily life, we often encounter electrical problems. This is widespread, so you should equip yourself with knowledge, tips, or pocket for these cases. Don’t worry; this article will tell you ten super cool and simple tips you can apply when you have electrical problems at home.

1. Sudden power failure

One of the common electrical problems often occur in daily life is sudden power outages. The cause may be a short circuit in a device such as a light, a rice cooker, etc. The first way to handle it is to see if the house next door has electricity; if so, your power supply is having problems. Next, check all the circuit breakers (CBs) to see if any CBs are off. The solution is to unplug all the devices and turn on the CB again. If the CB is still off, you should not try again but call a professional for advice.

2. Electric short circuit

When a short course occurs, you must first find the main circuit breaker and disconnect the power. Next, you proceed to determine the cause of the electrical short circuit. Once the cause has been identified, it can be quickly addressed and corrected. If the distance between the two conductors is not standard, you need to re-install for the distance between the two wires to be about 0.25m apart. If the power cord loses its insulation, you will need to replace it with a new one.

3. Power equipment lost power

When the electrical appliances in your family are operating and suddenly lose signal, you need to check the power source and plug. If there is no power outage, the plug is not loose, and these devices still do not work, please perform the following checks: check whether the power cords are broken or damaged and whether the power outlet is loose. At the same time, with electrical appliances that use fuses on the back, you should check to see if they are burned or broken. If everything is fine, remove the device and check the internal components.

4. Automatic circuit-breaker jump problem

If your home’s automatic circuit breaker is jumping, the capacity is not large enough. In that case, you need to buy a new one with a large capacity suitable for your family’s electricity capacity so that they do not jump anymore. If the automatic circuit breaker is damaged, you must replace it.



5. Replace the power switch

To replace a new electrical switch, you must first disconnect the power to the switch. Then, use a screwdriver to remove the outer cover of the switch. Use the prepared electrical tester to check if the switch is still alive and then check the cause and repair. If the ends of the wires and connections inside the switch are scratched or broken, you should reconnect or replace them.

6. Plug repair

First, disassemble the two parts of the plug to repair the plug. Then cut the end of the wire into the plug, separate the shell to take the copper core about 2cm, and twist the two small copper wires together. Next, loosen the screws on the two copper rods of the plug, insert them into the hole available at the end of the copper rod, and then tighten the screw to keep the copper in it. Finally, insert the copper rod into the plastic part of the plug and then tighten the screws holding the two halves of the plug.

7. Connecting the power cord

To connect the electrical wires, you use scissors to cut them with the ends of the two connectors. Next, using a paper cutter, circle and cut the cover at the two freshly cut connectors to reveal the inner conductor core. Next, fold the ends of the core in an L shape and twist them back together. Then you use insulating tape or plastic bags to wrap around the new core to insulate.

8. Refrigerator works but is not cold

This is also one of the typical household electrical problems. To fix this situation, check if there is too much food in the cabinet. Then check if the temperature control knob in the refrigerator is in the right position. If there are a few items in the fridge, we should put them in the middle position. If there are too many things in the fridge, we should put a more significant number but don’t. Never set to the maximum work.


9. Air conditioner works but is not cold

In this case, you should check that the fan speed should be set to the highest gear. Then check if the air filter is dirty. If so, you can clean it with a clean cloth soaked in water.

10. Handling flickering light bulbs

  • Check the switch: Usually, each light bulb will have an external starter, check to see if they are black or still on; if the starter is black and out of light, you need to replace it.
  • Check ballast: The ballast is in the trough of the light bulb; you use a screwdriver to remove it and install it in other light troughs to see if the ballast is still in good working order; if there is still a flickering phenomenon, you need to replace the ballast.
  • Check that the circuit is installed correctly; if not, you can turn off the power and install a switch for the light bulb.


Above are 10 tips for you to fix the electrical problems at home. For more information, visit us at Colorado Electrician.


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