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The Electrical Contractors Industry in Colorado

In Colorado, electrical contractors are in high demand and the industry is constantly changing with new methods and technology. This means more competition and higher standards for electricians. As a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, you’ll be able to benefit from networking opportunities and training to help you grow your company.

High-Voltage Installation

High-voltage power transmission and distribution systems are key to modern life. They allow us to run lights, power computers and even power our cars and trucks. Electrical contractors are tasked with keeping these vital systems working in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

The company is one of the top notch in the industry and has a long list of projects to its credit. Their latest collaboration with the City of Greeley, CO, is a case in point. Interstates’ Fort Collins office has been collaborating with the city on a few large-scale water treatment plant repowering and replacement projects.

The company’s Colorado headquarters has a small staff of dedicated experts that offer the best in local service and expertise. The company has an impressive list of clients in the state, including some of the largest utilities in the nation. They also have a fleet of specialized trucks and trailers that can handle jobs with tight schedules and strict deadlines.

Design-Build Projects

Design-Build is a project delivery method that allows owners to use a single contractor for the entire project, allowing them to streamline construction. It also offers a faster construction timeline, less risk and less mistakes than traditional methods.

The project begins with a meeting between the owner and the design-build team, where they collaborate to develop a scope of work, design, and bid. Next, a contract is drafted to outline precise payment details and expectations.

During the construction phase, the design-builder is held accountable for meeting all requirements of the contract. This means ensuring that the design meets performance standards and identifying any discrepancies between prescriptive requirements and actual performance.

Another benefit of Design-Build is that contractors are chosen based on qualifications, capabilities and quality, rather than based on price alone. This can help avoid some of the problems that can arise when contractors are awarded contracts based on low prices and high volumes.

Service and Maintenance

When something goes wrong with your electrical system, you need a commercial and industrial Denver electrical contractor you can trust to address the issue in a timely manner. Our team at Lightning Mobile Electric is here to help you meet your needs and provide a quality electrical solution that will keep your business operational.

We are a trusted Denver commercial electrical contractor that offers 24/7 emergency service, service upgrades, electric panel and wiring assistance, commercial and LED retrofit, energy savings, and rebates. With the help of our trained and certified electricians, we will work with you to get your business back up and running quickly.

Despite the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, pricier construction costs and rising interest rates slowed many projects in 2021, but it was a good year for electrical contractors as a whole. As they rebooked work and padded their backlogs, electrical contractors reported record revenue gains that rose 20% over 2020’s total (see Rankings Table).

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